As we have continued to adjust to the challenges of COVID-19, we have turned our workouts toward member workout challenges and small social outdoor active gatherings.

Workout Challenges

November brought a focus on total daily workout minutes. Seventeen club members participated, reporting a total of 85 hours of time spent on fitness-related activities. January was our club step challenge, generating over a million steps! March has included a core strength workout challenge; as this is being written, the numbers are still coming in!

Saturday Socials!

Starting with New Year’s Day (which was a Friday, not a Saturday) we embarked on a 2021 Social Saturday series. These outdoor get-togethers allow us to stay active when we have that whole solid water challenge of the colder months, and bring us together in nature. This has led us on a tour around our Twin Cities metropolitan area, with gatherings in Bloomington, Eagan, White Bear Township, and our next member gathering coming up at Theodore Wirth Regional Park.