It’s been great to get to Phalen Park and start reconnecting as a club. Dryland training is getting us all off to a good start this season as we have been planning for our on-water start.

We are happy to share that we have developed our Return to Activities preparedness plan for this summer. We will offer one boat and “pod” for those who are fully vaccinated, and have a second boat and “pod” open to folks of any vaccination status. We will be asking screening questions plus taking temperatures, doing our best to create a safer paddling experience this summer Please do review the full preparedness plan for details.

Dragon boat head and boat body, with the name ROSE painted on the Bow, with fuscia scales on the boat. People are standing around the boat near the stern.
Meet Rose, our newly purchased boat from La Crosse Paddling Club

Much of this is possible due to the opportunity to purchase a second boat. We were able to give Rose a good home, when La Crosse Paddling Club made the difficult decision to part with her this spring. This second boat purchase came much sooner than we had expected, but we are grateful that we had generous donors at our fundraiser in 2020 that gave us solid financial positioning. We asked our club members in April if they would support such a purchase with a donation toward this unanticipated capital expense and everyone stepped up. We are so grateful for this.

With the creation of our Return to Activities plan, we are actively welcoming new members to the club. Beginners are particularly encouraged to join. Hope to see you on the water soon!