screen shot of race results showing the final finishing place and heat times for MNDBC Team Green and Team Blue. Team Green finished in 11th place with times of 1:54.77 and 1:54.30 and Team Blue finished in 13th place with times of 1:59.79 and 1:56.16 over the 400 meter course.
Finished 11th and 13th! Not too shabby!

Your Minnesota Dragon Boat Club Team Blue and Team Green turned in terrific performances for a first regatta at the Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival. We were thrilled with our 11th and 13th place finishes with best times of 1:54.30 for Team Green and 1:56.16 for Team Blue over the 400 meter course. It’s nice to have some targets for next year’s racing!

Teammate and board member Judith Trudel put it nicely. We share her words with you here.

“Once upon a time, there was a brand new, fledgling dragon boat club called the Minnesota Dragon Boat Club (MNDBC). In its first season, it brought two boats of 20 paddlers to their first ever festival, the Lake Superior Dragon Boat festival. It was a magical day. The weather was perfect. And both measurable (for left brain people) and unmeasurable (for right brain people) achievements were recorded for the history of our club.
“This will forever be on record:
“17/37 paddlers were participating in their first racing festival 
“400 meters races
“Race round 1: Blue 1:59.79 Green 1:54.77
“Race round 2: Blue 1:56:16 Green 1:54:30
“Final standings: Green 11 Blue 13 out of 57 teams
“And now , for the unmeasurable, yet experienced by all those present:
“The excitement
“The enthusiasm 
“The ties and friendships weaved over the day
“The commitment to community service manifested in our donations to Life House Duluth
“The festival organizers calling us ‘an up and coming brand new club’, urging the crowd to ‘keep an eye on us (them)’
“Winning the 2019 “Spirit of the Festival” Award

“’If you build it, they will come’ 
“Super pumped and proud of this club!”