picture of Sandy

How long have you been paddling?

In 2006, I was one of three women who founded the Dragon Divas of St. Paul, a breast cancer survivor Dragon Boat racing team. I have been paddling ever since.

What do you like best about dragon boating?

I am a physician who at age 34 was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This changed my life’s direction. Slowly, I gained “wisdom”, becoming far more cognizant of not only the vulnerability of life, but also the value of life, friends and family.  I cut back at work, started to concentrate on patients with swelling after cancer treatment and increased my own wellness program which included spending more time with the people I love and working out on a regular basis. I became interested in the benefits of exercise in treating different medical conditions. Through dragon boating I have become passionate about the value of exercise, companionship, community, team, support, competition and fun in living healthier lives, surviving adversity and optimizing this thing we call life.

What do you want to tell others about MNDBC?

With the 2019 founding of MNDBC, I want to make this wonderful sport of Dragon Boat racing, which encompasses my passions, open to a broader spectrum of the community. There are so many who could benefit. There are so many who could inspire.