picture of Lynne and Patrick
Lynne & Patrick

How are you staying active during this extended time away from our boat?

Since we moved in March to an entirely different area of the city, we are doing a lot of walking each day exploring new neighborhoods and paths.  I am also using some light weights, medicine ball and elastic cords and bands for stretching help.  Still need some air in my bike tires, but that will soon happen.  Does hauling and unpacking a billion boxes count?

Describe your experience with dragon boating.  What do you like best?

I entered the sport of dragon boat paddling in 2006 as an original member of the Dragon Divas, a breast cancer survivor team. I jumped at the chance to spend time exercising on a local lake with new friends. Attending two, week-long padding camps in Florida followed by local training with an internationally recognized coach made all the difference in learning and improving on the technique of paddling in a dragon boat.  Medical experts encourage a regular regime of exercise.  Dragon boat paddling is a wonderfully fun way to exercise and meet new friends as well. I am eager to share this sport with others!

What do you want to tell others about MNDBC?

Last year I was excited to join six other veteran paddlers in a new venture with the Minnesota Dragon Boat Club (MNDBC). Our previous club was limited to breast cancer survivors.  MNDBC allows many women and men of all ages to learn to paddle as a team and to experience the excitement of competing at Dragon Boat Festivals.