How long have you been paddling?

Photo of Judith Trudel

I was introduced to the sport of dragon boat racing in 2009 after joining a breast cancer survivor team and am one of the founders of the Minnesota Dragon Boat Club

What do you like the best about dragon boating?

As a self-avowed non-athletic nerd, I was surprised to discover the many benefits physical exercise and community offered for my physical, mental and emotional health. Dragon boat racing is FUN! You are being welcomed into a closely knit community of worldwide paddlers who share the love for water sports. It provides personal challenges. You strive to be the best paddler you can be, physically and mentally. You constantly learn to refine and perfect your stroke, whether you have been paddling for one year or 10 years. It is the perfect team sport; dragon boat racing is all about team effort, supporting each other, and pulling your weight in perfect synchronization together on the boat. If anything, self-aggrandizement and inflated ego are a guarantee for poor team performance.

What do you want to tell others about MNDBC?

As cancer survivors and as families/friends of cancer survivors, we intimately understand how illusory, fragile, and impermanent health and life are. Come celebrate life with us! Join the Minnesota Dragon Boat Club!